surfer sandwiches

surfer-sandwich    Surfer sandwiches are handy ‘sandwiches’ that can be prepared ahead of time and eaten cold on the move.  Thus the name. They travel and keep well, and are quite satisfying.

Surfer sandwiches are made by wrapping warmed tortillas around cooked potatoes and vegetables into a square-ish shape. They can be any flavorings you like, feel free to experiment and comment below on your success.


  • mashed potatoes (boiled potatoes, dab of butter, splash of milk)
  • any frozen, canned or fresh vegetables
  • herbs and spices
  • tortillas

The bulk of the sandwich is basically mashed potatoes.  Add to that any cooked vegetables, legumes (lentils, beans etc) and spices and you’ve got you’re filling.

I tend to use frozen peas, carrots and boiled onions and any leftover veggies along with curry spices in mine.  You can use, fresh, frozen or canned vegetables.


Start with 6 to 12 potatoes or however many you want to cook up.  Scrub or peal and cut into quarters and boil in large pot.

Fresh vegetables, like carrots, onions, broccoli, or cauliflower that you want to cook for a while can be thrown into the pot with the potatoes, or they can be cooked, heated or recooked in a separate pan of boiling water.

When potatoes (+) are cooked, add a bit of butter, and a splash of milk or sour cream to smooth out.  (optional)

Mash. and  add herbs and spices to taste.  Feel free to have a heavy hand with the flavoring, as the potatoes mellow things out quite a bit.

Start with a bit of salt and pepper and go from there.  Curry flavored surfer sandwiches are one of our favorites.

Mix well.  Stir in any remaining ingredients.


Tortillas fold better when warm.  I heat mine up on a flat pan at medium heat on the stove.  I put one on the pan, sit it there for a moment, then flip it over.

Using a large spoon I put some of the potato mixture in the middle.  This is about 4 or 5 tablespoons on a large tortilla.  Just remember to give yourself room to fold 4 sides over.

Once folded, I flip the sandwich and heat up the folded sides.  If very full, give it a squish down on the pan.

Though stored in refrigerator, these sandwiches can travel with a person for hours before eaten.








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