onion rings

I love deep fried foods, and I love vegetables.  Fried zucchini sticks, eggplant etc.  For those I usually do a flour-egg-breadcrumb batter.  I’ve learned a lot of tricks to shorten the process but it’s still a multi-step labor of love.

Another type of batter is far easier to make, and just as tasty.  It works well for all types of vegetables but is of course perfect for onion rings.

short version:

beer+ flour2 +onion =onion-rings

longer version:


  • 1 large onion
  • 1 beer (12 oz)
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • Vegetable Oil for frying
  • salt



Because cooking in hot oil goes so fast, and has such potential for danger, it’s important to be all set up before you begin.

Create a draining / cooling station by laying out a plate, bowl, basket or colander with paper towels, or brown paper bags or some such. You’ll want this close enough to drop the hot rings in,but be sure to keep the paper far away from the stove top.

Have extra paper available because you’ll likely need a few more layers as you go.

Cooking oil splatters.  I recommend long, tight sleeves and plenty of caution. Set out long tongs, chopsticks or draining spoon to use in the oil.  You’ll want to be able to flip the onion rings over, and remove them with the least amount of oil traveling out of the pan.


Remove outer layer of onion, and tips.  Slice the onion into rings  (or some unconventional onion squares) of your preferred thickness.  Separate slices into individual rings. .


In a medium sized bowl, combine equal parts beer and flour.  Stir well.

Dip each ring individually into batter, and lay aside on a plate until you are ready for the hot oil.


For best results, let oil get very hot before deep frying.

Place rings in the hot oil for 2 minutes or so (turning over) till brown.  Place as many rings as you like in the oil but wait till they are cooked a bit before crowding them.

Season with salt, serve, and enjoy.







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