You can edit and re-edit your profile page anytime.  To get to it, mouse over the Howdy, Your Namel ink on the top right of any page,(on the ‘toolbar’) and click ‘Edit My Profile‘.  A Profile link is also available on the dashboard / admin side, on the  side menu.

The first thing you see is an option to change the Visual Editor.  This is referencing the editor you see when you create posts.  Some people are bothered by all the bells and whistles.  If that’s you, click the button to disable the visual editor.  You can always go back and change it if you change your mind.

Next comes the Admin Color Scheme. This affects everything in the Admin / Dashboard area, or back end.  Just choose what you like.

Next We have Keyboard Shortcuts, which has it’s own information link.   You can see in the image below that I don’t bother with them.  Follow your rightness.

The Toolbar refers to the topmost menu bar on the site.  I keep mine on,  you don’t have to.


Our ‘usernames’ (login names) are all lower case, which is by necessity.  You can change the way your name appears on the site by editing your Profile.

On the profile editing page, You’ll notice that your username can not be changed, however, along with your first, and last names, you can change your nickname.  Then, using the drop down list, you can choose how your name will be displayed. profile-name


Like all the back end ( dashboard / admin) pages, there is a help tab provided in the top right corner of the profile page.