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(three items)

Arrange the juggling items with two in one hand, and one in the other.

Start with the hand that is holding two items. Throw the first, and when that reaches it's highest point before it comes down, throw the second (same as working with two items).

 When the second begins to drop, throw the third.

One goes up, starts to fall, throw the next (from the other hand), it starts to fall, throw the next, etc....

Your hand may be stubborn in throwing the third item, but don't worry, thats normal, just keep trying. 

Remember to keep your hands a consistant distance apart from each other

Always alternate starting hands so both hands get in the habit of doing the required movements.

*Simon's Tip:

Your hands should almost be moving in a figure - eight, so that they are closer to the center when throwing, and further out while catching.  That's why the balls don't hit each other in mid air. 
and're Juggling!

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